Todd Narlinger on Kyle Malnati Show – Real Estate Podcast (Episode #20)

Friday 01/15/2016: Todd Narlinger was interviewed on our latest episode of the Kyle Malnati Show; this is the show where Multifamily Matters! Todd Narlinger is the founder and majority owner of Madison & Company Properties and is a highly acclaimed award winning Realtor in the Denver metro area.

Todd and Kyle have had a special relationship over the years. In 2011, Todd had this to say about Kyle after he had invited Kyle to join his company:

“I met Kyle Malnati looking for an apartment building to condo convert in 2006. As a top producing REALTOR with Re/Max, I started flipping properties for extra income in 1997. I had to find a “smaller demand” market than single family investments. Kyle was a commercial real estate team’s assistant, and the broker of record had Kyle show the property. I jumped into a bigger asset and was concerned about finding a good broker to trust; Kyle immediately put my worries at ease. I didn’t know that this was the beginning of an amazing relationship. I represented myself on the first condo conversion and felt I would represent myself on every deal. He communicated consistently to make sure everything went right. Kyle was a lower member of a top producing team, but updated me the most. The project sold so quickly I decided to do more.  Great apartment buildings weren’t in the MLS. I asked Kyle to hunt and call building owners for ‘off-market’ deals. He ended up brokering three more (all of which were off-market), and I quickly realized that Kyle was my broker for life. The ICON condo name in Denver (ICON 195, ICON 120, and ICON 1107) became so well known due to the hard work of Kyle Malnati.  Kyle became my broker for life.” ~Todd Narlinger (circa 2011)

In the Podcast you will hear Todd discuss the following:
How to invest in real estate for retirement
– How Todd started his own company
– Why Todd invests in real estate for his children’s college fund
How you can create a family legacy in real estate
– Skillset + Action + Mindset = Success
– Plugging into Mentors will catapult your success
– How to retire successfully
– Take one week for vacation every 12 weeks
Success through caring and sharing
– Be willing to equally give AND receive
– REALTOR ratios for income: 30% for Business; 30% for Personal; 40% for Retained Earnings
– When will condo conversions come back to Denver?
– Advice for aspiring real estate investors: “start slow and try to buy real estate with cash”

Quote from the show:
Antoine de Saint-Exupery: “A goal without a plan is just a wish”

Kyle’s gifts to Todd:
– The book “Retire Inspired” by Chris Hogan
– The book “REALTOR for Life” by Duane Duggan

Todd’s Recommended Books:
– “The Go Giver” by Bob Burg
– “Chicken Soup for the Soul
– “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster” by Darren Hardy

Todd Narlinger began his 17-year career in real estate at RE/MAX Masters and in 1995 was recognized for the RE/MAX Masters Rookie of the Year. It wasn’t until 2008 that Todd created Madison & Company Properties, Ltd., during one of Denver’s most difficult Real Estate market. However, this downturn did not hinder Todd’s strive for success. This boutique Real Estate firm has more than 90 Broker Associates and four different Denver metro locations. Madison & Company Properties, Ltd., has been recognized for two years in a row as the Top Work Place’s in Denver by The Denver Post.

The Kyle Malnati Show, Episode 20, Introduction:
“Live from Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood, you are watching the Kyle Malnati Show. We are broadcasting from Stewart Title’s Cherry Creek branch, and I’m sitting here with my mentor, colleague, and friend, Todd Narlinger. We are thankful to Stewart Title for providing us with the space to record our show today. We hope that our interview topics will be helpful to you, the apartment investor, if you’re: 1) looking to buy your first apartment building, or 2) if you want to add to your existing rental portfolio in 2016.”

The Kyle Malnati Show, General Information:
The Kyle Malnati Show is currently broadcast monthly on YouTube. The 10-20 minute show is designed to address topics that appeal to both experienced multifamily owners and aspiring real estate investors. Each episode, Kyle offers advice that will help you maximize your rental real estate business, and he also shares his insights on how a favorite quote should relate to multifamily investors’ lives. This video show is designed to share fundamental information about apartment buildings as well as the latest trends in multifamily investments. There are several ways to watch the show. If you SUBSCRIBE on YouTube or if you FOLLOW our blog, you’ll receive an email every month with the video show post. Please share our content on Social Media through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Thanks for tuning-in, and as Kyle likes to say, “We’ll see you around the neighborhood.”

~Kyle Malnati, Partner/Shareholder
Madison Commercial Properties
Madison & Company Properties
1221 S. Clarkson St. #410, Denver, CO 80210

For more information about Todd’s gift, Retire Inspired, visit Chris Hogan’s website –