Multifamily Broker Kyle Malnati Interviewed by Mike Reff

“I’m passionate about your family’s legacy. When I work with investors, its not just about a profit margin… its about saving and investing so that they have an asset to pass along to their children. Its about creating a retirement strategy and building your family legacy.” ~Kyle Malnati

Kyle Malnati started Madison Commercial Properties in 2011. Madison Commercial Properties is a mission-driven group dedicated to serving clients that own apartment buildings in Central Denver. His clients own apartments to create net worth, build a family legacy, and provide housing in Denver’s core neighborhoods. Kyle is passionate about doing work that matters.

Interview Summary:
– Kyle specializes in selling multifamily properties to Denver investors
– Kyle’s career in Denver multifamily property started in 2004
– Kyle helps investors make the move up from their first investment property
– Kyle started walking Denver’s classic neighborhoods to better understand the market
– Kyle believes that everyone has the ability to invest in rental property as a retirement vehicle

Kyle Malnati is a commercial real estate broker specializing in multifamily and investment sales. Kyle is a Partner and Shareholder of Madison & Company Properties which is one of the fastest growing boutique real estate firms in Denver. Kyle has been fortunate to experience many successes in his brokerage career which includes the following awards: Company Top Producer; REALTOR Magazine National “30 Under 30” Award Winner; Denver Business Journal “Heavy Hitter;” Young Broker “Heavy Hitter;” Company Rookie of the Year.

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