Oliver Frascona: Remembering a Man I’ve never met

Madison Commercial Properties is saddened to hear through several accounts that Oliver Frascona died yesterday, August 31, 2014. I never had a chance to actually meet Oliver, which is surprising as Oliver conducts a lot of Colorado Real Estate Commission continuing education courses. Many of my colleagues have worked with Oliver or have been taught by Oliver in his classes. Our company, Madison & Company Properties, uses contract forms daily that Oliver and his law firm, Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and Greenstein, P.C. , created for the REALTOR community.

Oliver E. Frascona

Oliver E. Frascona, in memoriam

Its interesting to note how our world receives news now; it seems rare now that my generation (millennials) would hear news through “old fashioned” media outlets (TV, radio, and print newspaper). I found out about Oliver’s death through social media (Facebook). Once I saw several of my REALTOR friends post about Oliver’s passing, I went searching for a news article through a Google search to confirm its accuracy – http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/09/01/3-killed-2-injured-in-plane-crash-north-denver/

While I’ve never met Oliver, I feel like I know him because I interact with his work on an almost-daily basis through his contract forms and my friends that have taken his courses. I was touched to read the following comments in the Facebook feed of two different REALTOR colleagues that posted about Oliver’s passing:

“We lost the greatest of all REALTORs today. A man that truly gave us more than he got in return. So many fond memories of Oliver Frascona and all he did for us as a group and myself personally. He absolutely made us all better than we thought we could be. Rest in peace dear friend.”
reply:Heart breaking.. Best teacher ever… He is a legend.
reply:Horrible news. Oliver is the best teacher in the REALTOR community. We’ll miss him terribly.
reply:I’m in shock. We just sponsored his Negotiations class on Tuesday and I spoke with him awhile and joked around. His knowledge and wit were unmatched.
reply:Such a loss. He was so enjoyable and knowledgeable. Loved him.
reply:So true… We lost a true advocate for the REALTOR organization and friend to many. He will be missed.

“35 years of fond memories of knowing Oliver Frascona going through my head tonight. The Colorado Real Estate Industry will miss him greatly.”
reply:Same here, about 35 years for me too. Unreal.
reply:This is such terrible news. I’m so saddened by this tragic news.
reply:A brilliant man!…. What a loss!
reply:My heart is so heavy.
reply:[Oliver] taught me so much. Peace to him and my gratitude.
reply:What sad, sad news. He was the most entertaining instructor ever.

My reflection on Oliver’s life is that he left an incredible legacy on this world, because he gave of his time and talents. His legacy leaves a wake, like a boat in the sea, long after he is gone like so many other special personalities in our world. My goal is to continually challenge myself to leave this type of impact in my personal life and business. Oliver truly was “blessed to be a blessing” on Boulder and Denver area REALTORs.

About Oliver: http://www.frascona.com/profile/oliver.htm

~Kyle Malnati, Partner/Shareholder
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