REALTOR® Magazine 30 Under 30 Questions & Answers, by Kyle Malnati (Madison Commercial Properties) **

REALTOR® Magazine 30 Under 30 Question #6: What has been your greatest challenge in real estate and how did you overcome it?

Answer: The greatest challenge in my career was the entire year of 2011. I experienced 3 major events in my life less than 90 days apart: 1) my wife, daughter, and I happily welcomed twins into our lives on March 20, 2011; 2) my family experienced great heartache when my 24-year-old brother, Billy Malnati, suddenly died because of a heart defect on May 16, 2011; 3) I left a very “comfortable” situation at a commercial real estate brokerage firm on June 10, 2011 to pursue an opportunity to become partner at a residential real estate firm with the task of creating a commercial division from scratch. Out of the adversity, I drew strength from focusing on the fundamentals of real estate, delegating more to my capable assistant, and learning when to disconnect. ~ Kyle Malnati, Madison Commercial Properties – Madison & Co. Properties **

REALTOR® Magazine 30 Under 30 Question #7: How do you incorporate technology into your business?

Answer: It may be surprising, but all of my apartment showings are by appointment. I have personally had great success with creating detailed, professional YouTube videos (example – My clients really appreciate going above and beyond what most other commercial real estate agents are willing to do. I direct the videos and greet the audience “live” while standing in front of the property. I transition into detailed information about the property. Investors appreciate the ability to preview the property prior to coordinating a showing. I’ve also been able to overcome a big Seller objections when listing tenant-occupied, because I minimize the traffic through the building to only those that have previewed. ~ Kyle Malnati, Madison Commercial Properties – Madison & Co. Properties **

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30 Under 30 Application Video for Realtor Magazine – Kyle Malnati (Madison Commercial Properties)

Madison & Company Properties and the Denver Apartment Buildings For Sale website is proud to announce that Kyle Malnati submitted his application earlier this month for a prestigious real estate award given by Realtor Magazine called, “30 Under 30.” We invite you to watch this short video from Kyle Malnati.

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